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As a Korean-American with family in Korea, I tend to visit the country quite often.  For the past 35 years actually…  And because I’m fortunate enough to have family who are in-the-know, it has always been a pleasure visiting the best attractions, events, hotels, spas, and the restaurants in the country.  But without my family, I too wouldn’t know where to go…  And I couldn’t imagine how lost a complete foreigner to Korea would feel without a reliable guide to point them in the right direction as Korea has so much to offer.

So the only way to resolve this issue was to personally create a beta site.  The first and only local directory search in English.  Now we can list our favorite businesses/events and share reviews/opinions on them.  Furthermore, the English speaking community in Korea can now go well beyond Itaewon (Nothing wrong with Itaewon) and explore the entire country with confidence.

But will only work if you participate.

When you get a chance, please feel free to:
Sign up for a Free Membership
Submit a Listing/Review
Submit an Event

FYI – While is in Beta, all listings including featured listings are free and set to never expire until indefinitely!

Many thanks in advance and enjoy!

Local Directory Search in English for Korea! Like Yelp!  Local Search Korea.  Korean Local Search in English.


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