Quality not Quantity

Yes, the number of listings are only a few right now.  But quality listings are being added daily not by the hundreds but by a select few, purposely.

Our definition of quality is based on a mix of the establishment’s quality of standards, service, luxury, value, and popularity.  And this is also the standard of quality that we would like to maintain and encourage our users to find and post as well.  But as a user, be it good or bad, please feel free to add any listings that you want as other users may find your reviews and opinions to be helpful.

At the end of the day, we simply want users to come to our site, see the simple yet quality selections, make their choices based on our information, and move on.  There is no reason for us to become another mega site with thousands or millions of listings to only confuse our users.  Spend more time living and less time researching!


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